Thursday, December 12, 2013

Touring the Country in a Hyundai Accent: Chicago

Guess what guys?  I finished my first semester of grad school!  I'm 25% finished with my graduate career.  Weird.

So now that means I have more time to blog!

Alright, next up on our excursion across the States is Chicago!  

Driving through Illinois was basically driving through one soy bean field after another, but they were actually very pretty, so I'm not complaining.

When we got to Chicago, we began our adventure by visiting Navy Pier.  

We decided to eat at Bubba Gump, since Ian and I had never been there, and it sure was tasty!

Ian looks too happy in the picture.  
My mom and I are less enthusiastic.

Then we just walked along the Pier, looking at the different shops and things along the way.  In this picture, we asked someone to take a picture, and I don't remember, but my mom said something silly to him, and we couldn't stop laughing.

Ian the photographer
They also had this cool stained glass exhibit going on, so we checked that out.

The next day, we went to the Apollo theater to see the Million Dollar Quartet, and it was SO GOOD!  It's the story of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis when they got together for a recording session.  It has probably become one of my favorite plays.

So this is the picture of the "Million Dollar Quartet", and at the end of the show, they displayed this picture, while the four actors posed in the same way, and they played some of the original recording.  It was so good!  Who wants to go see it with me again?


Us with "Jerry Lee Lewis".  He was my favorite. :)

Our stalker picture of Johnny Cash (the one on the left, not the right.  In case you're confused.)

Then we went to this pizza place, Giordano's, which is known for it's delicious Chicago style pizza.

My mom is really good at taking pictures when no one is ready.

I mean, look at this pizza!  Oh man, I want it right now.

That's right, this is the type of pizza that you eat with a fork.

After we stuffed ourselves with pizza, we walked down the Magnificent Mile to work off some of those calories.

Ian had to go to the Nike store, and we spent so long in there.  But there was this awesome display of all of the Air Jordans, so I guess it was worth it.

The famous water tower

And, of course, we had to visit The Bean.

Giant Bean

A view of the Chicago River at night.  Beautiful!

And when we got home, Ian had to try on his expensive socks that he bought from Nike.  

All in all, it was a great trip to The Windy City.

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