Friday, December 13, 2013

Touring the Country in a Hyundai Accent: Ohio

Next up on our tour across the country is the grand, the magnificent, the awe-inspiring,


Actually, it was super, super fun.  And I will tell you all about it.

So, of course we stopped in Kirtland, to continue on our church history tour.  And it was kind of cool doing it backwards.  Starting with Nauvoo, and making our way back to Palmyra, where Joseph received the first vision.  It was a cool perspective.

We started out visiting the Kirtland Temple.  This temple is owned by the Community of Christ, and there was a very different spirit there than the other sites we visited. It was still a great tour, and they do an awesome job, but it's a very factual, rather than spiritual, experience.

After the temple, we headed over to the Church's site, which includes the Whitney Store, the Whitney property, and the Ashery.

What did I tell you?  My mom is really good at taking pictures when we're not ready.

We found a Case in the sign in book at the Whitney store!

Quilts in the Whitney House.

The Visitor's Center with the cute Sister Missionary that gave us the tour.
The grounds were so pretty!
When we got to Ohio, there were a bunch of signs about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Ian says, "Oh, I've always wanted to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame..." in his cute baby-of-the-family voice that no one can resist.  So we spent some extra time in Ohio, and the next morning, instead of heading off to our next adventure, made a stop at the Rock of Roll Hall of Fame in Cincinnati, Ohio.

They had this awesome piano that you could just go play!  And the guitar actually worked too!
And it was actually pretty cool!  It was especially fun to see all of the stuff about Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis after we saw the play.

And, of course, they had awesome Beatles paraphernalia

And other Rock and Roll gems

So I was just walking around (we all went at our own pace, based on our interest in Rock and Roll... aka, my mom was done about an hour before anyone else.) and I saw this little recording studio, that was a replica of the Memphis recording studio where the Million Dollar Quartet took place.

They had the original piano, with this fun little picture on top of it:

After I had my fill, I found my mom sitting outside eating chips and a Diet Pepsi (once you get into the eastern United States, they stop selling Coke products, and start selling Pepsi products.  It's the worst).  So we sat and enjoyed the view while waiting for Ian and my dad to finish up.

 After The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we decided we needed to do something a little less worldly, so hit up an Amish town.  The problem was that we didn't get there until the evening, and Amish towns close down in the evening.  But we did find a great Amish restaurant, with delicious home-cooked food.
They also had a bunch of Amish quilts hanging around.  This was one of my mom's favorites.
This is a whoopie pie we bought from the bakery.  Yum!

And this is the stop sign outside of the restaurant, and all over the town.  I loved them.

My mom really wanted a picture of an Amish horse and buggy, and since she was driving and I was in the front seat, it was my job.  But it was SO EMBARRASSING!  The guys driving the buggy were right next to me, and there was no sneaky way of taking a picture, so I was basically just putting a camera right in their faces.  My mom and I couldn't stop laughing.  So enjoy the next few pictures of my trying to get a picture, but failing miserably, because I got too embarrassed at the last minute. 

This one was a missed picture of a cool bike thing we saw a bunch of Amish people riding.

And then we finally got some good ones because they were far away from us, and I took it through the window, so it was less conspicuous.

 I loved these signs as well.

We stopped in a store to try to find some quilt shops, and we had to try out their horse and buggy.
Ian just screams Amish, doesn't he?

They also had this bag full of just Lucky Charm marshmallows!  Every child's dream!

We found out that all of the quilt shops were closed, so we went to a total rip-off quilt shop, that was nothing close to a real Amish one.  We also found a pretty cool jewelry store, so it wasn't all bad.

 We also stopped off at a church in Ohio that has my mom's family name on one of the stained glass windows.  The doors were locked, and there was no one around, so we found the window from the outside, and admired it from the backwards perspective.

Case!  Isn't that cool?

 When we got to our hotel at the end of the day, we decided to watch The Office, because we kept relating things that were happening to us to things that happened on the Office.


 It ended up being a really fun couple of days.  Not all of it was on our schedule, but those always make the best memories, don't you think?

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