Friday, September 13, 2013

Life in Syracuse

Well, hello from New York!

So I'm sure all of you are just dying to hear how life is out here in the eastern United States.  And I am here to deliver.  Plus, I've been working on a paper all weekend, and if I have to write any more about e-books I'm going to go crazy.  So instead, I'm going to sit here, drinking chocolate milk, and tell you about my life.

I took a twelve day road trip with my family to come out here, which I will post about later.  It was so much fun to spend time with my family before coming out here for two years.  I decided to drive out here because I really, REALLY wanted my car while I was here, and it was probably the best decision I've made.

The first couple of days I was here after my family left were rough.  I knew they would be, but there wasn't much I could do to prepare myself for it.  I know this sounds silly, but one of the biggest comforts was my car.  I was in a completely new place with the closest friends/relatives being 10  hours away, and being in my car was the only comfortable, familiar thing in my life.  I would just drive around exploring the city, and I felt at home because I had Peter/Wendy with me.  I know, so cheesy, but it helped.

So, I am going to share some observations and thoughts on my life here in Syracuse.  Here we go.
  • The biggest difference I've noticed between New York and Utah so far is the humidity.  The heat here is so much worse because it's so humid.  I feel so gross all of the time because it's like I have a constant layer of sweat.  BUT it's been rainy here for the past week, which has been FABULOUS!  I'm loving this fall weather.
  • I have a crazy person living kitty corner from me.  He yells and sometimes plays the ukulele.
  • Syracuse University looks exactly like the campus on Monsters University.  Complete with Greek Row.  Minus the monsters.
  • Wegman's is the best grocery store ever.  Grocery shopping at Wegman's is the highlight of my week (don't judge).
  • The McDonald's down the street has a sweet and sour dispenser.  You can have as much sweet and sour sauce as you want!  How exciting is that?
  • The mall here is massive. It's the 6th largest mall in the nation.  I mean, there's a full on ropes course in the thing.  It's huge.
  • Parking here will be the death of me.  Get this: you have to park on one side of the street on odd days, and the other side on even days.  And you have to switch each day at 6:00 pm, which is basically the worst time ever, especially because that's when I have my classes.  So far, I've forgotten to switch one night, and I woke up in the morning, remembering I forgot to switch the night before. So I ran out to my car just as a cop was driving down the street.  I jumped in my car and drove off before he could give me a ticket.  And I got away with it!  No ticket for this girl.
  • My roommates are great.  They're nice, quiet, and clean.  What more could you ask for?  But they don't use the dishwasher.  That's weird, right?
  • I LOVE my program.  I have found my calling in Library Science.  Plus, there are a bunch of other girls my age in my cohort that are super cool, and we have a lot of fun together.
  • My single's branch is, well, interesting.  It's super small, and there's a fair share of weirdos.  But there's also a few really awesome people that I have had a fun time with.  Plus, I love the missionaries in my ward.  They're great.
So basically, Syracuse is treating me well.  I miss the Utah mountains, dry heat, and Cafe Rio (and my friends and family, of course), but it's not as different as I imagined it would be.  So here's to two years in New York!  I hope they're good ones.

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