Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Past 8 Months

So, now to catch up on the past 8 months of my life.

Yes, believe it or not, I have been doing things with my life, not just writing and perfecting my blog posts about Europe.

I have a few stories that need to be told, but for this post, we'll just stick with a short overview.  (And by short, I mean only kind of short, but actually kind of long, because I'm reviewing 8 months worth of adventures.)

Are ya ready?


I started off the month by going to St. George with some friends.

I job-searched without any luck.


I was still without a job, so I went on another vacation to Lake Powell with friends.

I celebrated an awesome birthday with family and friends.

And then I found a job substitute teaching.  Woohoo.

And then to celebrate my new job, I went on yet another vacation to St. George to see Les Miserables.

Had an amazing Halloween party, complete with 20's costumes, and murderer in the dark.

Met the handsome Jef with one f.
I was just walking down the street in SLC, when I see this attractive face pass by.  So of course I yell out to him, "Hey, you're Jef!"  And he says, "Ya..."  And I say, "Hi..."  And then we went our separate ways.  Yes, I have a way with words...


Still substitute teaching.

Learned how to make sushi.


Still substitute teaching.

Started grad school applications...

Met Alfie Boe (I think this story might need it's own blog post.)


Found a new job as a teacher at a treatment center.  And found I love working with teenage boys so much more than 2nd graders.  Go figure.

Took the GRE.

Finished a couple of grad school applications.


Finished all of the grad school applications

Richie got MARRIED!

Heard back from the first school, Syracuse, and the answer was YES!

Opened Heidi's mission call to Everett, Washington!


Heard back from the second school, Arizona, and the answer was YES!

Heard back from the final accepting school, Simmons College in Boston!

Had a hipster night at The Chocolate.

Went to the Festival of Colors and met a new friend.

Our new friend was the guy standing next to me.  Don't I look so warm and inviting?  No wonder he wanted to come over and talk.


Went to West Side Story and saw Tony and Riff!

Decided where I'm going to school in  the fall (and yes, that's another blog post, folks).

Well, that's it in a nutshell.  I know it's not as exciting as going to Tesco in Europe, but there you are.

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