Saturday, July 21, 2012

You Wish You Had an August Like Mine...

As you guys know, right now I don't have a job.  (But still getting paid, which is AWESOME.) I quit my teaching job, and now I'm pretty much just hanging out this summer until the real world hits me in the fall.

So before I have to go back to the drudgery of real life, I'm ending my summer with a BANG! It kind of was an accident that it ended up like this, but heck, I'm not complaining.

Alright, here is my life in August:

July 31 - August 5

 Lake Powell with the Boogert's!

August 5 night

Do Laundry.

August 6 - 12:  

Disneyland with my family!

August 12 night

Do Laundry.

August 13-26:  

Europe with Ben and Josh!

August 26 night:

Probably not do laundry because I'll be too tired, so I won't have anything to wear.  But life goes on.

And then it after sleeping for probably 2 days straight, I will venture out into the real world and try to find a job, a place to live, and all of that fun stuff.

But really, right now, I'm just going to worry about what rain coat I'm taking to Europe with me.

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  1. Holy crap, I WISH I had an August like yours