Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Here's Hoping

Sometimes, I have to deal with stupid e-mails, idiotic questions, and disrespectful comments.

But other days, I get lots of boxes of chocolates, countless love notes, beautiful flowers, and lots of hugs.

Let's hope the next 69 days are more like the latter.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Weekend Getaway

So guys, I've actually been doing stuff instead of just sitting at home and reading/watching TV.  Be proud of me.  This is a great accomplishment.

Basically I have this great group of friends, and we actually hang out.  More than once a week.  This might sound like a minimal amount to you, but for us, (two of us working full-time, an almost graduated U student, and 2 highly busy BYU students) it means a lot.

We decided to take a trip to St. George a couple of weekends ago, because my friend, Eric, has a family condo down there that we could stay in.  For free.

So we planned our trip, and it actually happened!  We set out for St. George on Friday night.  We stuffed all of our luggage into Jared's trunk and hit the open road.  Meika even made cookies for our trip, but sadly, they were left on top of the car, and flew off somewhere between Heather's house and Highway 6.

This trip was basically my perfect vacation.  There was the perfect amount of being lazy and the perfect amount of going on adventures.  Here's just a taste of some of the adventures we went on:

  • Hiking to some petroglyphs, but getting lost first, and making our grand discovery of the junkyard.
  • Going back to that same junkyard to take family photos/engagement pictures.
  • Going to Glitter Mountain and mining rocks.  Oh, and Jared having his near-death experience while trying to climb the mountain.
  • Watching Charlotte's Web.
  • Taking the polar bear plunge after we reached our goal of hitting the beach ball 50 times.
  • Getting hugged by our waitress at Mongolian BBQ (much to the dismay of me, Heather, and Meika, but Eric and Jared appreciated it.)
  • Getting way too worked up playing Resistance (on my part anyway).
  • Going on the long, but informative tour of Jacob Hamblin's home.
  • Making a delicioso candlelit dinner complete with bubbly (the non-alcoholic type, of course).
  • Spending way too long lying around in the big bed.
In short, it was a perfect weekend full of friends, food, and fun.  It was just what I needed to forget about work and stress, and realize that life can be fun, even in the middle of January.