Thursday, December 8, 2011


Guys, it's almost Christmas!  Christmastime is here, right now!  It's my favorite time of the year, fo sho, but I wish I wasn't teaching right now and I could just have time off to enjoy the wonderful season.

But alas, I still have two weeks to go.

But that's okay!  Because my friend and I have all of these awesome Christmas plans.  We might have made a list in Sunday school... and it might have been two pages long... 

So far this year I have helped set up our Christmas tree, and we've watched some Christmas movies (including It's a Wonderful Life - I love that movie).  I've drinken... drank... dranken.. drunk... drinked... caramel apple spice and played/sang Christmas music on the piano.  

But I think one of my favorite things I've done this Christmas holiday is played Jingle Bells with my friends.  What?  You say that sounds boring?  Well, let me tell you the whole story.  

Once upon a time (but not really, because this is a true story) my friends and I were playing and singing Christmas songs around the piano.  After hours of fun and merriment, we decided to try our hands at a different instrument.  One that we have never played before.  We decided to each learn Jingle Bells on those instruments and play together in our own band.  So we each learned our instrument from one a little more knowledgeable in that area, and twenty minutes later, we had ourselves a little jam session.  Heather showed us her talents on the cello, Jared was gracing us with his violin skills, Meika was harmonizing beautifully on the flute, Bryn was our wonderful accompanist on the piano, and I tried my hand at the guitar.  We recorded ourselves playing Jingle Bells, and with the exception of the last couple of notes, it was beautiful and Christmas-spirit-inspiring.  Unfortunately, I do not have the video to it, so you'll just have to watch it on my Facebook.  But believe me, it's awesome.

In other news, I have completed my book-reading goal for this year!  I have read 52 books this year, and plan on reading at least 3 more before the year is up!  Wahoo!

Stay tuned!  More Christmas spirit is on it's way!

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