Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 4: Sketchy bikes, NY pizza, and the Entry-Way to Mount Olympus

Guys! We're halfway through!

Okay, day 4. Day 4 was a Sunday, so we went to church at the Manhattan temple. It's really neat, because it's just right in the middle of the city, but it's a beautiful sight. It was kind of funny, because we were a little lost trying to find where to go. We went on the subway, but didn't know where to exit. Cory, the choir's director, spotted some people wearing church clothes. Then he told everyone, "Let's follow them, they have scriptures!" It was great.

After church, my mom and I went to Central Park. We didn't have too long of a time there, so we decided to rent bikes and ride around the park. As we were walking to the legit bike rental, a sketchy guy came up to us and asked us if we wanted to rent some bikes, and he started talking to us about how we needed to rent from him because it's cheaper and what not. When we asked him where his bikes were, he said his friend would bring them, which made the whole thing even more sketchy. But, we rented from them anyway. I mean, we saved about 15 bucks each. And the bikes were actually pretty good, except for the fact that my gear shift would freak out on me every once in a while.
After the bike ride we went to a place called the Shake Shack, which supposedly has some of the greatest hotdogs in New York. They were pretty darn tasty. I also got a Rocky Road concrete as well, which was de-lish!

Then we had to race back to the hotel because my mom had more rehearsals. I think I took a nap again... or I visited the library again... or I did both.

Anywho, after the rehearsal, my mom and I went took the subway and went to Lombardi's. Before we went to New York, I looked up the best place to get pizza in NY and Lombardi's came up on every site I checked. It turns out Lombardi's is the first pizzeria in the U.S. It was really fun to go there. And the pizza was delicious! But I think I'm a bigger fan of Chicago deep dish pizza. I love me some crust. But, the sauce was extra good. And I don't like pizza sauce, so for me to say the sauce is good means that it was really good.

Right across the street from Lombardi's is a rice pudding place, called Rice to Riches. If any of you have seen Hitch, it's the rice pudding place the girls go to in it, so of course we had to go to it. Plus, I love rice pudding, and Pudding on the Rice left us, so I haven't got it in a while.

After our delicious dinner and dessert, my mom's choir sang at yet another church. This one was by far the prettiest.
Then we walked to the Empire State Building. We passed some sights on the way.

When we got to the Empire State Building, we went to get in line, and let me tell you the line NEVER ENDS! You go in one never-ending line, and then you think you're done, and then you have to go wait in another never-ending line, and then you think "oh, we're finally there", but no, you have to wait in another line.

Anyway, we finally got to the top. It was a pretty cool site to see. I did pay 25 cents to use the binocular things. Totally worth it.

After the Empire State Building (in which you also have to wait in a line on the way back down), we went back to Times Square just to wander around.

And then we went to bed.

Jen's New York Fact of the Day: The way to get to Mount Olympus is from the Empire State Building. As hard as I tried, I couldn't find it. Although, I did wear my Percy Jackson shirt to celebrate. A worker at the Empire State Building first thought I was wearing a... dare I say it, Jacob Black shirt... ugh. But quickly realized his mistake and impressed me with his Percy Jackson knowledge. :)

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