Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 2: Walking, the marketplace, walking, sightseeing, walking, Broadway, walking

Ready for day 2? It's a long one, so hold on tight.

Our hotel was connected to Grand Central Station, so for breakfast almost every day we went down to the marketplace they have there. This might sound weird, but it was one of my favorite parts of the trip. I just loved the different vendors. So the first day I got a pear danish. Pretty much, just because it looked cool. And we got delicious, fresh mangoes! Oo, they were so good. I want some right now.

This was the day we walked and walked and walked. We went sightseeing, and we ended up walking 10 miles. Woo-ee!

The first place we went to was the Statue of Liberty. On the way there was a park (I don't remember what it was called) that had a statue that they salvaged from one of the World Trade Centers. Peerrrtty cool.

So we finally saw the Statue of Liberty. It was an overcast day, which made for really cool scenery.

My mom's choir sang at the base. My favorite part of the choir singing at the different sight-seeing spots was watching the reaction of the people watching. Like at the Statue of Liberty, there was the old Asian man that had this huge smile on his face and was loving every second of it.

Then we stopped of at Ellis Island, watched a cheesy, but informative play about Emma Lazarus, and took some pictures.

And is it bad that pretty much all my mom and I could think of while we were at Ellis Island was Hitch? So we took a picture at the place where they looked at the book with the names in it.

Then the choir sang again.

Then we walked and walked and walked and walked. We went to Ground Zero and a couple of different churches that the choir sang at. My feet were hurting by now.

And to end the day, I went to my first ever Broadway play, The Lion King! It was so so so so good. I had to get my ticket later than the rest of the choir, so I sat by myself. But it was a pretty darn good seat. I was right in the center and only 5 rows back. I could see all of the actors faces and everything. I loved it. (Although I could have done without the crazy, drunk, fighting couple next to me. The boy was swearing his head off at the girl one minute, and then sobbing and telling her he loved her the next. All the while she was punching, slapping, kicking, and hitting him, and she ended their relationship on Facebook. So if that doesn't make it official, I don't know what does.)

And then we went to bed.

Jen's New York Fact of the Day: The subway system is really quite easy once you get a hang of it. Believe me, when I first went through it, I felt a bit like Mr. Weasley, but by the end of the trip, my mom and I could navigate it like pros.

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