Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Proudest Moment

Last Friday, I had probably the best moment of my teaching career. But let me start at the beginning.

At school, each class was getting their picture taken (for the yearbook I think) and had to think of a theme for their picture.

Can you guess what theme I chose for my class?

Harry Potter. My class cheered when I told them what our theme was. :)

So I told the kids we would be making Harry Potter glasses at school, and if they wanted to bring a stick for a wand, or something like that, then they could.

Well, Friday morning comes, and my kids come totally decked out in Harry Potter outfits. They have the school robes, broomsticks, witch's hats, scarves, and wands. It was awesome.

So I spent Friday morning painting scars on my kid's foreheads and taping glasses together. When it was time for our picture, we went outside, and the lady put the kids where they needed to go for the picture. I looked at my class and it was the best to see all of them decked out in Harry Potter. I was so proud.

My goal for this year was to convert all of my kids to Harry Potter, and I think I've succeeded. At the beginning of the school year, some of my kids didn't even know who Ron Weasley was, but now, not only do they know who he is, but whenever we read the name Ron in a book, they always connect it to Ron Weasley!

Success. :)

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