Saturday, March 12, 2011


This past Saturday, I met one of my idols.

Markus Zusak.

Give yourself 10 points if you have heard of him. Give yourself 100 if you've read his books.

Seriously, he's one of the greatest authors of all time. His writing is so beautiful. He could write a 500 page book about toothpicks and I would be entertained the whole time.

So Markus Zusak came to the Provo Library, and I was so freaking excited to see him. I mean, he's an uber talented writer, and he's Australian. How could you not be excited? :)

So he came out (and I got a little bit jealous of his wife for a minute...) and starting talking to us. He told us stories of his life, and how he became a writer. Then he started talking about his books, specifically The Book Thief.

*Just a side note. If you haven't read The Book Thief, read it. It is one of the best books I have ever read, and I guarantee you will love it too.*

Then, possibly my favorite part of the night, he read a chapter from The Book Thief. I had tears in my eyes, he had tears in his eyes... and it was magical.

So eventually, it had to come to an end, although I could have listened to him speak all night. We had a Q&A session, where most people asked dumb questions like, "What advice can you give us who are aspiring authors?" Ugh, gag me. Such a stereotypical question for an author.

But then, someone asked a question worth the big bucks. They asked if Max and Liesel end up together.

If you have not read The Book Thief, you might not want to read the next paragraph.

He gave a great answer. He didn't just say "Oh, I left that open to your interpretation..." He told us what he pictured. Which was this: Max and Liesel do not end up together in his mind. They both go their separate ways. Because in that time and place in Liesel's life, Rudy was her love. And in order for her to find another love like that, she needed to move on with her life. It was so so so so so cool to learn about this from him. I mean, seriously, I was in heaven.

Okay, spoiler alert is over. You can resume reading.

After the Q&A, Markus Zusak did a book signing. Thanks to my mom and Brianon for getting there early, we got in on the second group. They gave us a sticky note to write down our names so he could sign quickly. But he actually wrote a message in each book for each person. It was amazing.

So it was finally our turn, and he was super nice, and super genuine. My mom told him it was thanks to me that they were there because I recommended his books to them. And I told him I recommend his books to basically everyone I talk to. And let me tell you, this man is such a neat person. He is so genuine and humble and amazing, just like the characters in his books. When I told him I recommend his books to everyone, he asked me, "And they'll read them? They like them?" And I told him of course. :) So in one of my books, he wrote "I'm honoured." That's right, he used a u to spell it.

So to end it off, I had a super good time, and it made me love him even more. It might have been one of the best days of my life...

And something else might have added to that joy. Here's your hint. But if you want the full story, you'll just have to call me, or text me, or send me a letter, or just come visit. :)

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