Monday, August 16, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want...

Don't you just love it when you've been planning something for weeks, and it turns out completely different than you expected? :)

That was my week a couple weeks ago.
But let me start from the beginning.

Heather and I always go on some sort of trip each summer. We've been to California, Denver, Jackson Hole, Mexico, and Las Vegas, just to name a few.

This year we were planning on going to Montana to visit some friends, but due to scheduling conflicts, ended up not being able to go. So instead, we thought it would be awesome to go to Moab. Heather had never been to Arches, and I had only been once. We both love camping and hiking, so it seemed like the perfect trip.

We were planning to go Wednesday through Saturday. The day before, we realized it might be better to go Thursday, because we weren't going to leave until later on Wednesday. Through a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, we decided to go on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Heather woke up feeling sick.
Uh oh, not a good sign.

We still planned on going Thursday, hoping for the best. So I packed, and went to bed, ready for our adventure the next day. I wake up to a text from Heather asking me if I'm awake. She calls me, sounding even more sick, and we decide not to go. So instead of just making it a boring day, Heidi and I pack up all of our movies and games and head over to the Boogert's. Heather, Bryn, Heidi, and I spent the day watching Princess and the Frog, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and 27 Dresses, and playing Disney Trivia, while eating some of our camping snacks. It ended up being a great day. :)

So we decide to go on Friday with a few additional guests (my mom, Julie, and Meika), and we hoped Heather would be feeling good enough to go. We ended up going at 12:00 so my mom could go. We pack up (which was no easy feat), and get on the road, thinking life was great.

Twenty minutes from Price, the Excursion breaks down. Luckily, we get a hold of Kent, and he comes to save the day, except for the fact that he's in Provo, and needs to get the part for the car. So we're stuck on the side of the road for 2 hours.

But we make the best of it by playing games and eating PB&Js.Kent comes and fixes the car in 10 minutes, and then we have to make a decision. Do we still want to go to Moab? We have to leave by 1:00 the next day, so it would be a really short trip. We decide it would be worth it and go.

As we're driving to Moab, it's raining off and on, and by the time we get there, the clouds are dark and hanging low, so it looked like the chance of rain was 100%. This is where we wondered if we should just stay in a motel for the night.

We decided to just chance it. So we find our campsite (which was beautiful by the way) and get started cooking dinner and setting up the tent. Only there's one problem. The tent we brought is practically ancient and you have to put metal rods together with the same color sticker, and we have no idea how to set it up. So we put our heads together, and just started experimenting. Finally, with Bryn, Heidi, and my good pole-holding skills, and Heather's good logical-thinking skills, we had an 8-man tent all put together.

Then we sat around our "campfire", which was really just coals, and talked and played games until our food was ready. And let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS. We had cowboy 'taters, with chicken and peach cobbler. Yum.

While we were sitting around, we looked up at the sky and noticed the many stars.

Wait, stars? That means there are no clouds.
No clouds means no rain.

That's right folks, it did NOT rain, even though it looked like those little droplets were inevitable.

So we went to bed, and we decided to wake up really early the next morning so we could have plenty of time to hike. So I set my alarm on my phone for 5:45 and we were deciding which alarm ringtone to wake up to. I was scrolling through and I find one called "Shiny Day" and thought, "This would be an awesome song to wake up to." We start playing it, and believe me, it was awesome. I made the suggestion that when we wake up, we should start dancing to it. Everyone agreed, but I didn't think anyone was going to be dancing at 5:45 in the morning.
So everyone settled down to go to sleep while Heidi, Bryn, Heather, and I played with glow sticks for an hour.

In the morning, my phone went off to the awesome song. I immediately sat up to start dancing, and I look around, and everyone else in the tent also was dancing. It was the most awesome sight I have ever seen. And it definitely did help me wake up.
This is an example of what it looked like (although when it actually happened we were in our sleeping bags in our tent).

So we got up, ate breakfast, and took down camp. We all really wanted to hike to Delicate Arch, so that's where we headed. I had only been to Arches once before in my life, and let me tell you, it is beautiful. If you've never been there before, it is somewhere you should go before you die.So I've had this dream of getting a jumping picture under the arch. So once we got to the top, I shared my dream with the others, and they all thought it was a great idea. But here's the problem with jumping pictures: You all have to be very coordinated with jumping, plus you need a good photographer who knows exactly when to take the picture.

So that means +10 tries with no successful results.

In almost every picture we have half of us jumping with the other half on the ground. Other people wanted to get pictures under the arch, so we decided to give it a break. Well, Meika was taking a picture for one family, and the guy said that he got a picture of us all in the air, and he'd email her the picture. It was awesome. I just love that he was supporting us in our "jump in the air picture" cause.

After we hiked delicate arch, we were all pretty tired from getting up so early, so we drove around Arches for a while, and then drove home. We had a good time sleeping, eating, and playing the question game with each other.

All in all, it was a great vacation.
Not what I was expecting, but great all the same.