Monday, July 19, 2010

I Went to the Doctor and the Doctor Said...

Last Monday I had an appointment at the doctor to see what they were going to do to fix my brain.

So I printed off a million pages of paperwork and spent about an hour filling them out.

I went to the doctor, and had to wait in the waiting room for about 30 or 40 minutes.

Then I got to see the doctor. (Which actually wasn't even really the doctor. He was the nurse practitioner. The real doctor was out of town.)

He asked me all of these questions that I already filled out 6 times on the paperwork, then told me he thought it would be best not to do anything, but he wants to check with the doctor to make sure that is the best decision.

Thank you doctor's office for making me spend time and money on that decision.

(By the way, he called back. I'm going to get an MRI the last week of July, just to make sure things are looking okay. That's the brain update for now.)


  1. Thanks for the update! I hope it all goes well. Hey, I found a pic of you with a cheesit "get your own box." lol, good times. I'll have to send it to you if you don't have a copy.

    P.S Your new blog stuff is adorable.

  2. Do you know what? I don't think I have that picture. That would be great if you could send it to me. Ah, cheesits. :)