Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You've Got Me Hypnotized, So Mesmerized

Today I met David Archuleta.

He did a book signing at the Orem Deseret Book, and so naturally, Heidi and I were there. The signing started at 12:00. Heidi and I knew there were going to be a lot of people there, so we got there at 8:00.

Yup, 4 hours early.
When we arrived, there were already about 50 people in line, but it wasn't too bad. For the next four hours, we finished the books that we were reading, started reading David Archuleta's book, played cards, listened to the iPod, ate $1.00 cinnamon rolls and BYU chocolate milk, and baked in the sun.
Surprisingly enough, the 4 hours passed super quickly. It seemed like we were only out there for an hour.

The Deseret Book workers started coming around, telling us some rules about the signing. They were passing around post-it notes, where you had to write your name and stick it in your book so David could quickly sign it. They also said that he could only sign one name in the book.

Heidi and I only bought one book. Our first thought was to just put both of our names on the post-it, and let him choose which name to write.

But then we came up with the plan of all plans. We should combine our names to make one name. Of course. It was perfect.
So we wrote down Heidijen on the post-it.
David finally came out and sang a couple of songs for us. First, he sang "Crush" and accompanied himself on the piano. Let me tell you, it was beautiful. Just watch for yourself.

Told you.

Then he sang an a cappella version of "Lean on Me" which was also beautiful.So then he goes inside, the Deseret Book workers tell us a few more rules (no photography - psh) and we get to go in.

This is when Heidi and I realize we have no idea what we're going to say when we meet him. We decided that we were for sure going to introduce ourselves by saying "Hi, I'm Heidi," and "Hi, I'm Jen." We figured this would probably sort out any confusion he had with the post-it note. Heidi really wanted to tell him she likes singing too, and I just wanted to get a good picture of him. Don't worry, I did.

The groups ahead of us were having normal conversations with David, so I wasn't too nervous about it being awkward or anything when it was our turn. We finally get up to the table, and hand him the book. We both say "Hi," and he takes a look at the post-it, and says, "Heidijen?"

We couldn't help it. Heidi and I just started laughing. At this point, I'm sure he thought we were crazy.

He started writing our name, and then asked us, "What's so funny?"

I don't know what happened. My brain shut off. All common sense left me. It was like something took over my body.

Instead of saying something normal, like, "Oh, we're just really excited to see you." We said something abnormal: "They told us you could only write one name in the book, so we decided to combine our names to make Heidijen." All the meanwhile David is looking at us like we were lunatics. His response? "...okay."

What was really awkward was that he didn't know about the 1 name rule. Meaning, we could have written Heidi and Jen and he would have signed it like that. Also meaning, he thought we were crazy.

It hit us how weird we sounded, so we took our book, said "Thanks," and got out of that store as fast as humanly possible. We couldn't stop laughing. We had waited for 4 hours to embarrass ourselves in front of David Archuleta for 30 seconds.

The best part, though, was that we had told him we combined our names before he actually wrote our name down.

But he still wrote Heidijen.

So, was meeting David Archuleta what I thought it would be?

No. It was not.

Would I change it?

Not for anything. It was absolutely perfect.

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