Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Wish That This Was The Day After Today

So I have to tell you about today.

Every night I set my alarm clock, and I usually can't go to sleep until I double check that I've set my clock to the right time. I also have an internal alarm clock, and I wake up before my alarm even goes off, so I usually don't have a problem with waking up late.

Except for today.

I woke myself up, as usual, and checked the clock, expecting it to be about 6:00, so I'd have time to sleep in a few more minutes. I look at the clock, and it says 7:21.

I have to be at school at 7:30.

It took me a few minutes to realize the situation I'm in, but then I jump out of bed and start throwing some clothes on. I put mascara, shoes, and deodorant on simultaneously, grab my bag and run out the door without making a lunch. Thank heavens it was pizza day at school today.

I got to school at 7:35. I know, I'm good, right? :)

Needless to say, I was completely scatterbrained all day, and I'm still not sure if my lessons even made sense. After school, I went to the store to get treats for my class tomorrow, then I went home and started thinking of an art project to do tomorrow. I finally come up with one, and I figure I need to do a model, but I don't have crayons, which is a vital part of the project. I also don't have an iron; another vital part. Also, I have to turn in a portfolio tomorrow, and realize I don't have a folder to put it in. So I go back to the store to get crayons and a folder, and give my home teachers a call to see if they have an iron.

I get home and start putting together my portfolio on the computer, go to print it, and realize I am out of printer paper. I have to turn my portfolio in tomorrow at 5:00, I get out of school at 4:00, so there's no way I can get paper and print it tomorrow.

So I'm back at the store. Again.

By this time, I am tired and annoyed. I print out my portfolio, my home teacher comes by with the iron (home teachers are the greatest), and I start working on the art project. It's not turning out the way I want it to, and I realize it's because in the past I have done it on tissue paper. And guess what? I don't have any tissue paper.

So I go to the store for the fourth time in one day.

I leave my apartment, and lock my door, just to realize that I left my keys inside, both for my car and the house. So I have to climb through my roommate's window in the pitch black. Now I go to the store, and I'm pretty sure I have a sliver in my bum.

I finally come home, get my pajamas on, turn on High School Musical 3, and work on the art project. It still isn't working out the way I want it to, but by this point, I'm beyond caring. Plus, Zac Efron has definitely released some of my stress.

So then I decide to blog about my day. So I type this huge long post, and as I'm going to read through it again, I accidentally delete it, and that's when it decides to autosave. So I had to write this entire post again.

Now it's 12:30, and I'm going to bed.

Oh, and did I mention tomorrow is my last day of student teaching? I thought this day would never come.

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