Tuesday, March 9, 2010

That one? But you've read it twice!

I love reading.

I love getting caught up in stories, meeting interesting characters, and seeing a complicated story line slowly unfold itself. I love crying and laughing in books, and forgetting about the world around me whether it be for two minutes, two hours, or two days. :)

Lately, all I have been wanting to do is read. Seriously, my one wish right now (besides going on a road trip, which I have had an insane craving for lately) would be to go to the library, pick out a bunch of new books I haven't read, and spend the entire day in a comfy chair reading away my worries. In my brother's Aeropostale sweats.

But I can't. Because I'm still in college. I have a pile of lesson plans to do, as well as applying for jobs and such.

But what is great about teaching is I can share my love of books with my students. Currently, we are reading Fablehaven. Today, I was reading it to the class, and I just have to tell you about my experience.

Now, my class is generally well-behaved. But, like most elementary classes, they can get out of hand. Today wasn't too bad, but near the end of the day I had a hard time keeping their attention for more than a few minutes. So, for the last ten minutes of school, I pulled out Fablehaven and started reading. Some of the kids were restless in the beginning, doodling or writing, and squirming in their seats. But as I continued reading, they slowly stopped squirming and started listening, until the entire class was totally transfixed on the story. Twenty-three students were absolutely silent for the rest of the class period, totally engaged in what I was saying.

It was so incredibly cute. I would look up from my reading to see 23 pairs of wide eyes staring at me, just eating up every word coming out of my mouth. Seriously, I don't think I've ever had a lesson where I have had every student's attention, but this book did it in less than five minutes. This author created a story that could get these class full of 9 year-olds to be totally glued to every word I say.

Like I said before,

I love reading.

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  1. I love how you write. And I love this story. Way to go Jen. Don't you wish those are the moments that you would be observed?